Diversity Dinners

A Program by Stephanie Hughes, presented at the 2009 US Servas National Conference.

Spice your social life, broaden your horizons, and make new friends with Diversity Dinners!

What are Diversity Dinners? Diversity Dinners foster cross-cultural communication and understanding through collaborative hospitality.  Groups of 10 gather in members’ homes for dinner and conversation.  They meet every  four to six weeks, usually on Saturday nights, fall through spring.  Members reside in Naperville, IL and surrounding area.

Diversity Dinners are open to folks of all heritages, callings, and persuasions.  Participants will enjoy good food, great company, and civil interchange about pressing issues of our lives and times.  As the year progresses, members find their understanding of the world and one another deepens as the year progresses.

Here are just some of the types of diversity we seek to welcome and explore:

  • Ages and Stages
  • Heritages, Ancestries, "Races"
  • Philosophies of Life, Beliefs, Religions, Faiths, Thought Processes
  • Life Styles, Value Systems, Preferences, Habits, Choices
  • Gender Identities, Gender Roles
  • Interests, Talents, Specialties
  • Work, Occupations, Volunteer Pursuits
  • Politics, Economics, Governing, Activism
  • Activities in Communities, Organizations, Identity Groups

Various social and political viewpoints wanted for Naper Area Diversity Dinners.
The club is actively seeking more diversity of political and media orientations and of religious and organization affiliations. Over the years, the Diversity Dinners organization has been attracting from many walks and stages of life."Now with media and government polarization rampant, we are putting special emphasis on seeking a broad range of social and political orientations", explains the founder and director, Stephanie Hughes. "Diversity Dinners would like a wide range of folks who use a broad variety of media -- including public and commercial broadcasting; publications, websites, and blogs. We want not just majority, minority, and alternative political party members but also people who have chosen to be independent or involved in nonpartisan or multi-partisan or coalition activities. Conservative and fundamentalist, moderate, liberal and progressive perspectives all are invited -- to inform the open-ended, open-minded civil discussion that accompanies each dinner."

Diversity Dinners is a free-standing, grass-roots organization not "owned" or controlled by any of the area congregations and organizations that help to promote it by disseminating information and the invitation to enroll via their newsletters, email, websites and announcements.

Diversity Dinners Contact Information:
Stephanie Hughes 630-420-4233


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