Servas homestays provide insight into the political, cultural and social realities that face people of diverse cultures and backgrounds around the world. Both the traveler and the host are necessary for this homestay to occur! You can choose to be a traveler, a host or both. As a traveler more than 15,000 homes in over 127 countries around the world are open to you. As a host you can travel without even leaving your own home. We invite you to read below about our Travel Programs and our Host Programs and find the best program for you!

Long time Servas traveler and author of Tales of a Female Nomad, Living at Large in the World, Rita Golden Gelman shares her joy of travel, Servas and stepping outside her comfort zone! Enjoy her TEDTalk!


International Traveler Program

Hosts around the world are waiting to welcome you with "Open Doors"! Whether you are studying or volunteering abroad, traveling to a country for the first time or returning to a favorite place, Servas homestays can help you understand the places you visit on a deeper level and make lasting friendships. An international Servas traveler shares the host's daily life and activities for 2 nights and 3 days, gaining insights unavailable to casual visitors. Through person-to-person contact, Servas travelers build bridges and overcome stereotypes. The international traveler fee is $98 per adult for unlimited travel during a 12-month period. Apply Online Here.

Domestic Travel Program

The domestic travel program is for travel in the US only. This program is designed for those who want to experience Servas but are not traveling overseas. It is an opportunity to learn about your fellow Americans by coming into contact with the many cultures and perspectives present here in the United States. Cost for participation is a special rate of $50. If at any time during the length of your year-long membership you would like to become an international traveler, you can simply return your Letter of Introduction to the office with the additional fees and we will issue you an international stamp (expiration date remains the same). Apply Online Here.

Student Domestic Travelers

Learn more about America and its many people through Servas! The US Servas Open Doors Program can help students explore America's varied cultural landscape from the inside of US homes. Explore the United States the Servas way—learn firsthand about American politics, social activism, pastimes, worship, and peace movements. This program is ideal for students of English as a second language who seek practical experience speaking English outside the classroom.

Even if you have no travel plans at this time, you can still use your Servas membership to make friendly local contacts wherever you study or work. Cost for participation is a special rate of $25. Apply Online Here.


Overnight Host Program

Servas hosts offer simple accommodations to approved Servas travelers for visits usually lasting three days and two nights, allowing host and traveler time to begin a genuine exchange. Visits can be extended beyond the two night minimum at the invitation of the host. Opening your doors provides the traveler a way to learn about your political, religious and cultural context. You may invite the traveler to your workplace or school, take them to your favorite local cultural attraction or share a meal. Through sharing your daily life with the traveler and learning about theirs you help break down stereotypes and build understanding. No money is exchanged between the host and traveler though hosts are asked to make a $50 tax-deductible donation annually to help defray administrative costs. Apply Online Here.

Day Host Only Option

Day hosting is ideal for people who may not have the space, resources, or interest to accept overnight guests, but wish to meet international visitors. Day hosts do not provide accommodation, but are an additional resource available to travelers while on the road. As a day host, you may wish to meet Servas travelers at your home, a park, or at a café to share information on local cultural activities, good conversation, or possibly a meal. Day hosts may be individuals, families, or peace and social justice organizations. No money is exchanged between the host and traveler though hosts are asked to make a $50 tax-deductible donation annually to help defray administrative costs. Apply Online Here.