A complaint must be in writing to the US Servas home office. A complaint may be lodged against a voting or participating member of U.S. Servas, against a member's family or household occupants, or against an approved traveler or host of another Servas national organization.


Minor complaints are investigated in the office by the Administrator. Minor complaints are defined as dissatisfactions with the organization as a whole but do not involve the conduct of another Servas member. Major complaints are reviewed by the Complaints Committee, which is made up of the National Chair, Administrator, Legal Counsel, and other members as appointed by the Board. Major complaints include, but are not limited to:

  • Theft from or by a Servas member
  • Failure to uphold the principles of the Servas pledge
  • Unwanted sexual advances/harassment
  • Any criminal activity or involvement of public safety officers while hosting or traveling
  • Any misuse of a host list for purposes other than Servas travel (US or foreign)
  • Using a forged or expired letter of introduction
  • Complaints involving non-Servas members which involve public safety officers
  • Complaints involving a Key Person
  • Complaints involving any Voting Member of U.S. Servas
  • Cases of multiple minor complaints about/from the same member
  • Any complaint involving the misuse of a Servas website or Servas talk forum
  • Any complaint deemed major by the Administrator and/or National Chair(s)


The party against whom a complaint has been made is notified. All parties involved are asked for comments in writing. The Complaints Committee reviews the information and conducts interviews and research, as it deems necessary.


The Complaints Committee makes its determination and takes the appropriate action. Possible actions might include: apology, re-orientation to Servas, a warning notice, change in host listing/LOI, payment of charges incurred, revocation of Servas membership, and loss of some or all Servas privileges.


Only Voting Members, who have had their voting rights revoked, have the right to submit a written appeal.