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Pre & Post Conference Activities

The Salt Lake City area has lots of cool places to visit. There will be some post-conference outings organized for those wishing to participate Sunday afternoon  (10-16-2022).  Additionally, we've listed some resources and suggestions for visiting on your own before or after the conference.

More details and updates to follow...

Activities In & Around Salt Lake City

Contrary to urban myth, Salt Lake City is a hoppin’ place ... parks, restaurants, shops museums, and of course, the Tabernacle.   SEE MORE

The world-famous SLC Tabernacle Choir rehearses every Thursday evening from 7:30 - 9:30 pm. FREE - visit their website for  DETAILS

Park City is a major venue for arts and cultural events, including the Sundance Film Festival. It also has hiking, fishing, rafting and MORE

Olympic Park is near Park City is a Summer adventure location with zip-lines, rope courses, skiing, toboggan runs and  MORE

Sunday afternoon optional group visits (tentative) 

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