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Conference 2022 Presenters

Dr. Dave Derezotes

Transforming Our Polarized Society Into Inclusive Communities

Dr. Dave Derezotes  teaches at the University of Utah where he now in part time retirement as Professor in College of Social Work and leaving as Director of Peace & Conflict Studies, College of Humanities. He also serves as Fellow at the Center for Teaching & Learning Excellence and as MUSE professor in undergraduate studies. He recently completed his third term as Chair of the Senate Advisory Committee on Diversity and Co-Chair of the Anti-Racism Committee. Dr. Dave does numerous public service projects, including dialogue facilitation for Utah Humanities, KRCL radio community co-host for “The radical middle”, anti-racism programs for SLCC, and  classes for retired people through the Osher Program at the University of Utah

What's Happening With the Great Salt Lake and Why It Matters

The importance of Great Salt Lake cannot be overstated. The terminal saline lake is of local, regional and worldwide importance from several ecological and economic perspectives. The information provided during this discussion will highlight the value of Great Salt Lake. 

Laura Vernon

Laura Vernon is the Great Salt Lake Coordinator with the Utah Department of Natural Resources Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands. She has worked with federal, state, local governments, and stakeholders on Great Salt Lake-related issues for over 15 years. With a Master's in Public Administration, her education and work experience focus on land use planning and management, public involvement, socioeconomic analyses, project management and strategic planning. 

Lynn de Freitas

Lynn de Freitas is the Executive Director of FRIENDS of Great Salt Lake. Lynn began her involvement with FRIENDS of Great Salt Lake shortly after its founding, served as president of the board and has been the executive director since 2002. She is a full-time volunteer. She especially enjoys working on developing policies that address the unique role and characteristics of Great Salt Lake to ensure its long-term sustainability.

FRIENDS of Great Salt Lake is a 501 c3 membership organization founded in 1994. Its mission is to preserve and protect the Great Salt Lake Ecosystem through education, research, advocacy, and the arts. The long-term vision of FRIENDS is to achieve comprehensive watershed restoration and protection for the Lake to sustain it for future generations of people and wildlife. www.fogsl.org

Servas and the United Nations: 

Did you know that Servas International has official, “consultative” status at the UN in New York, Geneva and Vienna?  This status gives Servas a voice at certain UN conferences and meetings. It also enables Servas members to learn about and support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals for 2015-2030 and other major UN initiatives toward a more peaceful and just world. 

In this Conference session, three of Servas International’s five Representatives to the UN in New York will outline the activities and plans that Servas International has in its connection with the UN, and will discuss how Servas US members can be directly involved.

Alison Telsey

is a Servas US member living in New York City. A Psychologist, Alison has worked in education both nationally and internationally as a staff developer to maximize opportunities for students with disabilities.  She also has a keen interest in environmental issues.  Alison has been an SI Rep to the UN in New York since 2019. 

Kent Macaulay

is a Servas Canada member living on Quadra Island, British Columbia.  He has an eclectic background in adult education, government, and non-profit settings. He served on the board of Oxfam Canada and has participated in organizations advocating for the rights of LGBTQ+ persons.  He has been an SI Rep to the UN in New York since 2020. 

Lauren Cetlin

Gentle Yoga and Mindfulness

Lauren Cetlin, RN, MA, AHN-BC APBCC, is an advanced board certified holistic nurse and advanced practice board certified chaplain.  Lauren has been practicing yoga for fifty years and teaching yoga and healing with Acutonics® for twenty years.  This is a one-hour gentle class … not athletic yoga … move your body slowly into poses as you focus on relaxation and mindfulness. Listen and feel the sounds of chimes, tuning forks and Tibetan bells at the beginning and end of the class.  Please bring a yoga mat.

Tracy Meier

Program Director at the National Ability Center (NAC)

Tracy is a valuable and experienced member of the NAC team.  She coordinates an array of activities in the adaptive recreation industry.  The NAC provides a variety of activities, lessons, retreats and camps catering mostly to those with a different ability, or (dis)ability.  The NAC’s priority is inclusion, along with a belief that by recreating together, we can change the world.  Their efforts promote growth in self-esteem and skills which enhance active participation in the community.  Recreational experiences for military veterans and for under-served youth with different abilities in other countries are also provided.  Equestrian, cycling, skiing, paddling, rafting and archery are examples of experiences the NAC provides to enrich their participants.  They believe that “life doesn’t stop unfolding just because we have a disability”. 

Shyla Esko Bare

Travel for Good – How Travel Can Benefit People, Places, and our Planet

There are a lot of news articles, travel blogs, and general talk about “sustainable travel,” but what is it? And is sustainable travel possible? If it is, what role can Servas play in it? Shyla Esko Bare, US Servas Board Vice-President, believes people can Travel for Good. During this session, she will share ways travelers can journey to benefit people, places, and our planet. Shyla will also facilitate small group discussions on this important issue.

 Shyla Esko Bare is an International Travel Coach, travel speaker, and bestselling author of the Before You Go Abroad Handbook. She, along with her husband and travel partner, Dan Bare, run Wild Spirit Travel, a company that helps people travel the world through how-to travel classes. Shyla has traveled to 76-countries and lived in Scotland, Australia, Thailand, Mexico, and the USA. She first joined Servas UK in 2005 before a year-long trip around the world that transformed her life.   

Paige LaCombe

SYLE, Youth Initiatives and the Family Experience;

Commission on the Status of Women Report

Paige serves as the Servas International Peace Secretary and coordinates attendance at the Commission on the Status of Women at the UN. She also serves on the US Servas Board where she is the co-chair of the Youth Initiatives Committee. Paige has also served as the Communication Committee chair. Paige taught in the Los Angeles area public schools for over 22 years and is passionate about youth development and nurturing well-rounded and engaged citizens of the world. 

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