Thank you for your interest in US Servas! If you are not already a member we hope that you will join with us in promoting peace through cross-cultural understanding by becoming a host, traveler and/or contributor. If your questions have not been answered on our site, please contact us by email or telephone. Keep in mind that emails are answered in the order in which they are received. Urgent or time-sensitive requests should be phoned into the Arcata office.


United States Servas Office

1125 16th Street, Suite 201, Arcata California, 95521-5585
Phone: 707-825-1714
Fax: 707-825-1762

General Inquiries

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Servas Staff

Tracy Jordan French:
Joanne McGarry:
Office Manager
Jacob Lewis:
Technical Director
Andrew Cook:
Office Assistant

Servas Board of Directors

Xande Zublin-Meyer,
Phyllis Chinn,
David Rebstock,
Administrative, Finance, and Key Persons committees
Heather Mason,
Servas International Youth Leadership Committee
Stephanie Downs Hughes,
Partnerships & Collaborations Committee
Cay Palmer,
Key Persons, Partnerships & Collaborations, and Technology committees
Dennis Mogerman,
Complaints, Annual Conference, Youth Initiatives committees
Chris-Ann Lauria
Steve Kanters,

Nonvoting Members

Mary Jane Mikuriya,
Peace and Social Justice Secretary
Tracy Jordan French,


If you would like to include US Servas in your will, please send an email to the following address

Enid Pollack