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Peace & Justice

Bob Luitweiler believed that for the diverse populations of our planet to find common ground, to grow, and to thrive in harmony with one another, cross-cultural understanding was necessary.  He founded Servas to promote and enable such intentional, constructive social-interaction.  

Servas intentionally brings people together. We covenant with one another to advance efforts to creating a more just, peaceful, and sustainable world.

Nationally, we advocate for racial, social, and environmental justice and equality. This is Servas’ underlying raison d’etre: one conversation at a time.

Given the global nature of the environment we face, Peacemaking necessarily involves not just avoiding international military conflicts, but also promoting international cooperation in order to effectively address the existential threats of the climate change, wars, and pandemics.

The P&J Committee activities are carried out by various work-groups that coordinate with work-groups of other committees.

Active P&J work-groups include:

    • Networking, affiliations and partnerships 
    • Collaboration with the US Servas newsletter 
    • Building a P&J calendar of national and international events

We are always open to new initiatives and welcome new volunteers!

Current US National Peace Secretary, Yosi McIntire.

Yosi chairs the US Servas P&J Committee and can be reached at:  PeaceSecretary@usservas.org

Peace & Justice Calendar

Peace & Justice Upcoming events

No events available

Peace & Justice Past events

February 24, 2022 Peace Poetry: Verses vs War
February 23, 2022 Can War Ever be Justified?
February 12, 2022 Black Quaker Lives Matter Film Festival
February 02, 2022 Understanding the Ukraine Crises
January 25, 2022 The Murder of President Kennedy
January 25, 2022 The Uyghurs of China
January 23, 2022 The World Stands Up to Sanctions
January 22, 2022 Climate Change and Nuclear War
January 20, 2022 Climate/Mental Health/Covid
January 14, 2022 Community Celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
January 11, 2022 Guantánamo prison opened in 2002
January 10, 2022 Vigil for the Kings Bay Plowshares 7
January 04, 2022 Building our Movements
January 04, 2022 Peace & Planet Online International Conference
December 13, 2021 Report from Honduras
December 07, 2021 US-China Relations
December 05, 2021 World Soil Day
December 01, 2021 The Rise and Fall of World Hegemonies
November 21, 2021 Korean Reunification Webinar
November 21, 2021 SOA Vigil
November 18, 2021 Climate Change and Gender Violence
November 16, 2021 CODEPINK CONGRESS Calling Party
November 12, 2021 Scenarios and Challenges for the Honduran People.
November 11, 2021 the U.S. First Strike Doctrine Must Go
November 09, 2021 Conversations Before [nuclear] Midnight
November 07, 2021 Militarism, Space Tech & Climate Crisis
November 06, 2021 2021 SOA Watch Virtual Conference
November 04, 2021 Global Webinar on Armistice/Rememberance Day
November 01, 2021 COP26 UN Climate Change Conference
October 29, 2021 2021 Annual US Servas Conference
October 28, 2021 Sustainable Cities: The Future of Community
October 27, 2021 Discussion: China / US / Taiwan
October 26, 2021 HerPower Summit
October 21, 2021 CSW October Monthly Meeting
October 19, 2021 JFK: The Murder . . . Why??
October 15, 2021 The Second World Peace Congress
October 14, 2021 UN Global Sustainable Transport Conference
October 13, 2021 Film: The Newburgh Sting
October 12, 2021 McCarthyism, New and Old
October 11, 2021 Film: The Battle of Algiers
October 02, 2021 Keep Space for Peace
October 01, 2021 War on Terror Film Festival
September 23, 2021 UN People's Food Summit
September 09, 2021 Remembering Attica
April 01, 2021 World day of social justice and SYLE

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