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US Servas Announces a New Website and Membership Changes

September 29, 2021 7:10 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

The new site and simplified membership rules go hand-in-hand

US Servas is taking a big step forward today by unveiling its redesigned website ( and big changes in its membership structure.

The biggest change that Members will see is the introduction of a single $33 annual membership fee for both hosting and traveling.

Another big change is that you no longer have to be a host or traveler to be a US Servas member. An approved, interviewed member who chooses not to host or travel can still stay in touch, support Servas, and have access to host and traveler data.

Finally, with the new website, is completing its data migration to that it began in January 2020: all detailed host and traveler information is stored only on the Servas International website. The US Servas website basic contact information, member interview records, and records of current participation (Interviewer, Committee Chair and Key person roles).

These changes have been long anticipated, but were stalled because of the website changes needed to support them.

The development of the new website really began in late 2019, when the US Servas Board approved the creation of a new “Member” category – neither host nor traveler. However, a new membership category required changes in the existing website. There had long been dissatisfaction with the website’s user experience; now it was found that the site’s aging computer code required a complete rebuild, at a cost in the low five figures. After investigating its options, US Servas decided to adopt an off-the-shelf program called Wild Apricot, which provides built-in membership management functions and website development tools.

A volunteer team of Servas members has been working on the website redesign project since the spring of 2019. The team now includes website developer Will Zell, owner of; system administrators Dan Bare, Steve Gaarder and Carol Trible; Technology Committee chair Jim Tyhurst; and team members Cay Palmer, Joanne Ferguson, Radha Radhakrishna, Johan Cavert and David Hills.

We hope you like our new website! Please send comments and suggestions to During the first two weeks of the website launch you can receive live technical support by calling 800-509-1450

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