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US Servas National Conference 2018: Building Bridges — June 22-24, 2018

Over the years, US Servas National Conference has brought people together from all over the country to advance efforts to creating a more just and peaceful world. Within the last few years, the need for Servas has become greater than ever before in the United States, and it has become increasingly important for people across different cultures and backgrounds to come together and take a stand for world peace. With this in mind, we are pleased to unveil this year’s theme, “Building Bridges”.

This theme arises from the idea of many iconic bridges in Chicago, as well as a quote by Bob Luitweiler, “The original purpose of Servas was to build bridges of understanding between diverse ethnic groups, especially where conflicts were more serious.” When people come together to collaborate, it creates people power; one of the strongest forces in combating violence and injustice (including capitalism), and ultimately helping to create a just and equitable community filled with peace, love, and understanding. By facilitating discussions, workshops, and keynotes, the main goal is to provide participants with skills and knowledge that they can apply beyond this conference in building bridges and promoting world peace. 





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