The results are in for the 2019 elections for the Board of Directors for US Servas. Thank you to everyone who took the time to register to vote and thank you for taking the time to participate in the process. Our organization depends on our membership taking an active role to ensure our success.

Congratulations to the winners! We look forward to working with all of you when your terms begin at the national conference in July.

The winners are listed in alphabetical (by last name) order:


Raleigh LaCombe Bio Pic 2019         

Raleigh LaCombe — Technical Writer, Altadena, CA

          Raleigh has been an active member of Servas for the last five years. From participating in an immersive SYLE (Servas Youth Language Experience) language experience in Hindi to now giving back by planning other SYLES, she has become an important member of Servas. She is a writer and a web developer, who has a strength in her vision for the Servas website. 
          Her three goals for Servas are:
          1. Improve the website to make the services we offer frictionless.
          2. Make the website compatible with mobile devices.
          3. Delegate to activate local communities.




David Schwartz Bio Pic 2019         

David Schwartz — Children’s Author / Motivational Speaker, Oakland, CA

          I consider myself a creative problem-solver and a roll-up-the-sleeves “doer,” traits that have led to careers as a journalist and an internationally-known children’s author/speaker (www.
Using these traits for Servas, I launched social media groups and “Servas Experiences,” an innovative program to raise funds, attract new members – and have fun! As program coordinator for the 2019 national conference, I’m booking speakers who will inspire and inform us, and perhaps initiate new partnerships. As interim Peace Secretary, I’m proposing the creation of a Servas Peace Plan designed for national impact, analogous to the Strategic Plan (which I helped to develop).
          The most hopeful moments of my life have come as a citizen of communities both local and global, transcending barriers as a traveler and host. Servas has a strong mission but also weaknesses, including a large fiscal deficit and difficulty attracting young members.
          My vision is to raise Servas’s profile so many more will know us, join us, and gain the hope that comes from promoting peace, one traveler at a time.
          Some call Servas a peace organization. Some call it a travel club. It is both. I believe we will be a better travel club if we are a better peace organization.



Yi Wang Bio Pic 2019         

Yi Wang — Architectural Designer, Chicago, IL

          After completing the Master’s degree in Architecture at Washington University in St. Louis, I moved to Chicago and have been working as an architectural designer in Gensler. I’ve been always advocating for better living experience through problem solving in my design work. I am a Servas Traveler, and I treasure the value and goals of Servas which empower its community to expand the knowledge of the world and make connections globally. I have been a member of US Servas since 2010 as a traveler, I’m passionate in growing the organization to enable more people to celebrate the values that Servas embodies.