angel island

About Angel Island:

Reception and treatment of immigrants to the United States has been an issue since the country’s beginnings, and continues to be a highly contested issue today. Ellis Island and Angel Island, on opposite coasts, were two important entry points for immigrants until the early 20th century. Angel Island received immigrants primarily from Asia, some of whom authorities detained on the island for up to two years. The Angel Island guided tour provides a glimpse into what happened on the island, and how immigration policies affected immigrants coming into the United States. This year Servas conference attendees may take advantage of the opportunity to explore Angel Island via a guided tour which lasts an hour and twenty minutes. Participants will get to experience the beautiful San Francisco Bay as they ferry to the island.

Tour Information: 

The official tour can accomodate 30 people and we now have 2 tours: 11 AM and 12:30 PM  


Payment for the tour will be made on the day of the tour itself. The tour costs $7 per person, and if you choose to ride the shuttle rather than walk, the shuttle costs $8 per person round-trip. The walk from the ferry to the tour’s starting point is approximately one mile (including a fairly steep uphill portion). 


You will also need to pay for the ferry separately. Here are the details for the Angel Island Tiburon Ferry (www. Currently the Ferry costs $15 or $14 for seniors. Everyone will need to plan to take the 10 AM ferry to travel together and arrive in time for the 10:30 shuttle and 11:00 AM tour on the island. The ferry ride takes approximately 15 minutes.The ferry accepts either cash or checks–no credit cards–and does not take reservations. According to ferry office staff, we will get on the ferry without a problem because the ferry accommodates 400 people total.


Our Angel Island tour reservation is for July 26th at 11:00 AM and also at 12:30 PM, with a short hike before the latter.  30 people for each tour.  There is a cafeteria on the grounds where lunch can be purchased following the tour.