Connections with Servas aid and enhance academic travelers’ experiences. Faculty and students coming to the USA from abroad and also those going from their home campus to others outside the USA can greatly enrich those experiences by joining USServas, the connection to Servas International. Servas is a not-for-profit peace-promoting organization affiliated with the United Nations with volunteer hosts living in over 130 countries around the world who open their homes for a few days at a time to thoughtful travelers who want to get to know the people as well as the places they visit. Both hosts and travelers are interviewed and approved to be dedicated to “promoting peace, the unity of human kind, and mutual understanding of the cultures, outlooks and problems of the people of the world”.

Weekends, breaks throughout the academic schedule, and periods before and after academic terms are opportunites academic travelers have to utilize Servas to get to know areas near, adjacent and along the way to their academic destinations. By staying with locals, what might be shallow tourist trips can be transformed into most meaningful explorations that enrich their academic experiences. Servas homestays also provide assistance, safety and economy along with friendly companionship and cultural enrichment.

Students,faculty and staff may learn more about Servas and get help to join by browsing this website and by contacting the USServas office in Arcata, California at (707)825-1714 to be put in touch with a USServas interviewer near campus or on campus.

Individuals associated with a campus who may be interested in exploring the creation of a Campus Connection to Servas are encouraged to email or phone (707)825-1714. Please contact us if you want to have your campus added to the list of examples that follows.


Examples of some Areas and Campuses with Connections to Servas

North Central College in Naperv ille, IL
On-Campus Connector: Jesus Velasco, International Programs Counselor, USS Interviewer (630)637-5299
Near Campus Connector: Stephanie Downs Hughes PhD, USS Interviewer, (630)420-4233

Florida Gulf Coast University & other Florida schools
Near Campus Connector: Patti Baker, Fort Myers, FL, USS Interviewer, (239)682-0067

Contact Information

Campus Connections to Servas Committee Chair: Cay Palmer, US Servas Interviewer. Cell phone: (321)626-8993
Campus Connections to Servas Initiator & Consultant: Stephanie Downs Hughes PhD, USS Interviewer (630)420-4233