In this time of reduced travel, US Servas is providing opportunties to engage with other like minded individuals with Events designed to encourage the same kind of warm and thoughtful conversations you might have with another Servas Member -either Traveler or Host. Choose the type of Event that suits you, or choose several. Most topics tend to be related to the Core Values of Servas: Peace and Social Justice.

  • Prepare for informative exchange, cooperative education, and civil interaction on critical issues.
  • We all expect this to be a nonpartisan, free and open public forum for adults (and teens with parents).
  • Expect to Probe issues of justice -social, economic, environmental. The Influences of politics & religion may be discussed.
  • ALL perspectives expressed concisely and with civility are welcome.
  • Be attentive, inquiring, responsive, considerate, and specific -yet as brief as possible.
  • Attempt to articulate problems and possible solutions/
  • Help to identify both the strengtths and shortcomings of proposed solutions.
  • Strive for deeper understanding to undergird participation in voting & constructive social action.

IF you would like to facilitate an Event, Please submit your proposal here: