When you become, or renew as a host, you get a “Welcome Host” email, which mentions the HOST TO HOST program.  This page is here to tell you more about the how to of traveling domestically as only a host (as if you are also a Traveler, please do the normal protocol and reach out, and attach your LOI to emails, and show up with the hard copy in hand…)


Once you are a current host, the website also gives you access to the USA Host Listings, and you find that by being logged into your profile, then going under:

  • Member Area”

Then under:

  • “Host List USA

Here you can either plug in a zip code on the map function, and see what hosts come up, OR you can download the 481-page PDF document, and search by state.


Two main pieces of information to remember are:

  • Traveling domestically through this program still means you are expected to follow ALL the protocols and  good behavior you would follow when a Travel Member going abroad. That is why we attach the PDF icon Travelers Responsibilities to your Welcome Email.

One thing that has been tricky, is that you don’t have a LOI (letter of Introduction) as a host only so we encouraged members to:

  • Take a SCREENSHOT of your HOST PROFILE, so that your host can see you are a valid host member, when you attach this to email correspondence, before your stay.  Be sure to explain you will be traveling as a host, and that is why you don’t have an LOI to attach.

Any host can also look you up via the host listing, and find your profile to verify that you are a current, valid US Servas host (however, it is nice to save them the trouble and attach the screenshot) to your email.


Good News!:

As we integrate with Servas Online (the International site), we send current hosts and travelers the info on how to create a log in and fill in their profiles, AND even hosts can upload photos to their profiles on SI (Servas International).  And hosts can now be found (most of them are on)  www.   this means your potential host can look you up on Servas Online (International) and see you are a current host, and also see a photo of what you look like.  Also note that all hosts are on the USA Host Listing (on within 24 hours of joining or renewing. 



  • Be sure and tell your potential host the city and state you live in, so they can easily find your host listing to verify you are current and active.
  • And just as when traveling outside the US, EVERY member of your party, over 18, needs to be a current, valid Servas member


Host to host travel is great for those who want to travel in the USA only, and also we have SO MANY HOSTS here, in our own country, many whom would like to get more visitors a year than they currently do and many who live in gorgeous, or exciting places, which often are off the beaten path.


But remember that host to host visits are the same as any other Servas visit, and the same protocols apply.


Happy traveling and hosting!