Why Just Views?

  • Documentaries and films bring people of all backgrounds together to talk about great catalysts of change: Film.
  • Cinema provides people with a sense of community and reminds them that they are not alone.
  • Media and film champion diverse thought and points of view.
  • Documentaries, animated short and experimental films introduce issues, concepts and stories people may not be familiar with, such as the counter-culture community of Monte VeritĂ  in Freak Out, biodynamic farming and the endangered Danish Red Cattle in Good Things Await, and the problem with boat debris following Hurricane Sandy in Boats of Jamaica Bay.                                            

Goal of project: To promote Servas’ values of peace, social justice, communication, and cultural exchange through the discussion of documentaries and films that focus on equality, anti-racism, climate activism, and social justice

Event Details:

  • Each session will be limited in size to better facilitate conversation.
  • Additional sessions will be scheduled if interest demands.
  • Participants are expected to have watched the film before the session date.
  • Discussions may help participants better understand how to take action toward the issues illustrated.