Just Views – Conduct Guidance

Draft v4 of 7/15/2019.  
Prepared by Founding Director sociologist Stephanie Downs Hughes. PhD with inputs from others.
Feedback welcome via 630/420-4233 SDownsHughes@gmail.com 916 Royal Blackheath Ct, Naperville IL 60563.
Direct suggestions also to Co-Director Carol Tritschler via
  630 961-0106.
More info at USServas.org > Community > Programs  > Diversity Dinners (See 7 pages). 707 825-1714 in Arcata CA.
To confer about starting Just Views in your area, phone Stephanie at 630/420-4233 during waking hours.



What’s in the Name – What our Program Series Title is Meant to Convey

Views: Watching documentaries / films and then sharing ideas about the related crucial issues in them.
Just: Asking and answering questions about justice — what is fair or not and why.


Principles – What Just Views Is All About:

A. Come for informative exchange, cooperative education, civil interaction on critical issues.

B. Remember this is a nonpartisan, free and open public forum for adults (and teens with parents).
C. Probe issues of justice—social, economic, environmental. Politics & religion may be discussed.

D. Note that though this program and venue do not champion parties & candidates, individuals may.

E. Know that all perspectives (360 degrees) expressed civilly and concisely are welcome.
F. Be attentive, inquiring, responsive, polite and civil, and as specific yet brief as possible.

G. Attempt to articulate problem analyses & possible solutions, and critiques of these here.

H. Strive for deeper understanding to undergird participation in voting & constructive social action.


Process – Guidelines for Participating at Just Views:

  1. View the film attentively. Make mental or (better:) written notes of questions & key points.
  2. Listen carefully also during discussion. Ask for clarification when anything is unclear.
  3. Signal the facilitator when you want to speak. Wait to be called upon before speaking out.
  4. Help others by standing if possible, speaking to all & naming yourself, town &/or an affiliation.
  5. Stay on topic. Finish thorough discussion of one area before introducing another.
  6. Consider beginning with a verbal header, such as: Question, Comment, New Direction.

  7. Refer to key influences and sources and explain why you have come to certain viewpoints.

  8. Speak concisely, briefly: up to 2 minutes or so maximum at a time, to share the “airtime”.
  9. Take turns, encouraging others who have spoken less to speak if they wish.

10. Agree to disagree at times. Avoid pejorative or demeaning expressions. Accept dissent.

11. Seek together coherent, comprehensive approaches to big challenges identified.

12. Feel free to clap when you agree or to show support. But do not let this “railroad” others.
13. Speak up if necessary during meetings about the importance of following certain guidelines.

14. Provide feedback to Just Views directors before & after sessions and by phone.

15. Offer issue, film &/or resource suggestions to the directors any time. These are very appreciated!


Short List of Suggestions for Participation in Just Views
1. Wait to be recognized before speaking.
2. Stand and face the group to speak, giving your name and town and/or an affiliation.
3. Maintain a civil, courteous attitude. Address issues; avoid personal attacks.
4. Develop one topic adequately before moving to another.
5. Give others a chance to speak before commenting again.
6. If speaking for or against candidate/s or party/ies, give reasons and listen politely to others.



To: USServas Board, Staff, Communications & Website Committees

From: Stephanie  /sdownshughes@gmail.com  630/420-4233

About: Just Views Info for USServas.org & San Rafael Conference 7/2019

Date: 7/15/2019


Now on USServas.org > Community > Programs > Diversity Dinners there are 8 pages of vital info which we use all the time and needs to stay there.

One of those pages is an early overview on Just Views – a documentary and discussion approach that Servas members can use in their own areas. I plan to update this and add to it.

Proposal: Just Views should have its own listing as follows: USServas.org > Community > Programs > Just Views – containing a few pages of helpful info for organizing and running documentary-and-discussion programs in various areas. One such new page is attached: Just Views Conduct Guidance. We will be using this as we talk about and demonstrate Just Views at the San Rafael conference.

Diversity Dinners and Just Views are programs that Servas members in various locales can offer to chapter members and to the public around them to entertain and engage them constructively, cross culturally and expand Servas membership.