Just Views – Conduct Guidance

What’s in the Name – What our Program Series Title is Meant to Convey

Views: Watching documentaries and films and then sharing ideas about the related crucial social issues exposed.
Just: Asking and answering questions about justice — what is fair or not and why.


Principles – What Just Views Is All About:

  • Come for informative exchange, cooperative education, civil interaction on critical issues.
  • Remember this is a nonpartisan, free and open public forum for adults (and teens with parents).
  • Probe issues of justice—social, economic, environmental. Politics & religion may be discussed.
  • Note that though this program and venue do not champion parties & candidates, individuals may.
  • Know that all perspectives (360 degrees) expressed civilly and concisely are welcome.
  • Be attentive, inquiring, responsive, polite and civil, and as specific yet brief as possible.
  • Attempt to articulate problem analyses & possible solutions, and critiques of these here.
  • Strive for deeper understanding to undergird participation in voting & constructive social action.

Process – Guidelines for Participating at Just Views:

  • View the film attentively. Make mental or written notes of questions & key points.
  • Listen carefully also during discussion. Ask for clarification when anything is unclear.
  • Signal the facilitator when you want to speak. Wait to be called upon before speaking out.
  • Help others by saying your name when first speaking.
  • Stay on topic. Finish thorough discussion of one area before introducing another.
  • Consider beginning with a verbal header, such as: Question, Comment, New Direction.
  • Refer to key influences and sources and explain why you have come to certain viewpoints.
  • Speak concisely and briefly -remember that others want to talk as well.
  • Take turns, encouraging others who have spoken less to speak if they wish.
  • Agree to disagree at times. Avoid pejorative or demeaning expressions. Accept dissent.
  • Together seek out coherent, comprehensive approaches to any big challenges identified.
  • Feel free to wave your hands when you agree or to show support.
  • Speak up if necessary during meetings about the importance of following certain guidelines.
  • Provide feedback to Just Views moderators before & after sessions and by email.
  • Offer issue, film &/or resource suggestions to the moderators any time. These are very appreciated!

​​​​​​​Short List of Participation Suggestions

  • Wait to be recognized
  • before speaking.
  • Speak clearly, perhaps giving your name.
  • Maintain a civil, courteous attitude. Address issues; avoid personalizing exchanges.
  • Develop one topic adequately before moving to another.
  • Give others a chance to speak before commenting again.
  • If speaking for or against a issue or concept
  • , give reasons and listen politely to others.​​​​​​​