Mission Statement:

The mission of Servas is to promote peacebuilding and social justice in order to facilitate the cross-cultural understanding necessary for the diverse populations of our planet to successfully grow and thrive in harmony with one another.

Mission Goals:

As a committed Servas peacebuilding team, every member of our family serves as an ambassador of peace. Whether on the road or within our communities, Servas members strive to break down cultural barriers and reach out a hand of friendship and acceptance to all, regardless of politics, faith, gender, socio-economic, academic or any other perceived “difference.”

For 70 years, Servas has been committed to peacebuilding across the globe. Each member of Servas is vital to our success. Our board members define the vision for Servas. Servas travelers and hosts are the foundation of the organization’s outreach efforts. Our office members coordinate the projects into a cohesive message. Together we function as a united organization deeply engaged in furthering cultural understanding, promoting equality and fighting for social and justice.