Lyndon Harris

Keynote Speaker: Lyndon Harris is an inspirational speaker, forgiveness coach, and workshop leader who came kicking and screaming to the work of forgiveness. His journey to forgiveness began at Ground Zero on the morning of 9/11/01.

Serving as the priest in charge of St. Paul’s Chapel, he initiated a volunteer force that rose to over15,000: serving meals, offering supplies and giving encouragement to the rescue workers 24/7 until the site was closed eight and a half months later. ​ His work has been covered in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Time Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, and featured in the award winning documentary, The Power of Forgiveness. 

After 9/11/01, Harris partnered with forgiveness researcher, Dr. Frederic Luskin (Stanford) and several other activists and forgiveness luminaries to founded the educational non-profit Gardens of Forgiveness. 

David Radcliff

David Radcliff is director of the New Community Project, a small nonprofit organization with a Big Goal — to change the world. NCP works at earth care, peace through justice and experiential learning; has a national network and Sustainable Living Centers in VA and VT; has partnerships in eight countries where it support girls’ education, women’s empowerment, reforestation and stand with native communities. David speaks in schools, colleges, congregations and community groups around the country and leads NCP Learning Tours to the Amazon, Arctic, South Asia and Africa. He lives in Blue Ridge, VA, where he travels primarily by bicycle. He has an MDiv and DMin (peace studies) from Bethany Theological Seminary, and is an adjunct faculty at Elizabethtown College in PA in the School of Continuing and Professional Studies. He received the Whitelow/West Humanitarian Award from his alma mater, Bridgewater College. 

John Swaine

John L. Swaine is the current CEO (and former CFO) of the International Civil Rights Center & Museum in Greensboro, North Carolina, which sits on the site of the historic Feb. 1, 1960 sit-ins at a whites-only Woolsworth lunch counter by four African American college students until they were served. Their non-violent direct action challenged America to make good its promises of equality and civic inclusion enunciated in the Constitution. Swaine has played an integral role in the everyday operations of the museum since its founding, but also in advancing the greater vision of the museum: promoting social justice, peace & peaceful protest to injustice and working toward greater understanding and advancement of civil and human rights at home and around the world. In 2013 The Triad Business Journal named Swaine “Financial Executive of the Year” for non-profit corporations.  Swaine considers his work with the International Civil Rights Center and Museum his personal passion. 

John Dooley

John Dooley is a community pharmacist with interests in horticulture, mycology, fermentation, travel and adventuring. He has been coming to the Betsy-Jeff 4H Educational Center since 2004 for edible plant ID walks.  He knows the grounds well and is knowledgeable about many plants of the piedmont.

Phyllis ChinnDaryl Chinn

Daryl and Phyllis Chinn have been interviewers since around 1995 and have each served on the US Servas board of directors in the past.  They will facilitate a conversation sharing ideas for effective interviewing for current and potential interviewers.

Nanci Kersch

Nanci Kersch has been practicing the ancient Chinese exercises of Qi Gong, “Lift Qi Up, Pour Qi Down” and “Body-Mind Method” for 25 years but on a daily basis under a big tree with friends in her 55+ community since March 8th, 2019. Nanci looks forward to sharing these wonderful Qi Gong exercises with you on Saturday and Sunday. By contrast to the more well-known martial art of Tai Chi, Qi Gong is noted as a holistic practice engaging the Body, Mind and Spirit. Nanci Kersch is an Acupuncturist, Massage Therapist and Nutritionist, and has been a Servas member since 2009, traveling to 50 countries and over 75 UNESCO sites, spreading Peace, Love and Cultural Exchange wherever she goes. Nanci is currently working on her soon-to-be-published memoir, “Travel Addict,” which contains a nod to Servas in the book. 

Paige LaCombe

Paige LaCombe lives in the Los Angeles area. She has traveled widely, lived in France as a student, and now hosts Servas members and interviews prospective members. As a teacher for over 22 years, she has dedicated herself to promoting social progress and providing quality public education for minority students in South Central Los Angeles. She helps children assume global citizenship through peacebuilding activities. She mentors young men and women who assume leadership roles in their communities and coordinates interns for the UN’s Action Ambassador Program. She also helps lead the Communication Committee to strengthen membership by creating more effective means of communications and currently serves as the Servas International Peace Secretary.

Marguerite Hills

Marguerite Hills has been a member of Servas for the last 25 years. She is the current chair of US Servas and an interviewer, welcoming others to experience Servas, promoting peace, one conversation at a time. Her career managing National Wildlife Refuges gave her the experience to build partnerships and reach out for support. As a Servas Board Member, she is currently committed to strengthening our organization. It takes many committed volunteers to sustain a vibrant organization, and she hope each of YOU who cares about Servas finds a way to help Servas continue to flourish.

Kiss The Ground

Kiss the Ground is a full-length documentary narrated by Woody Harrelson that sheds light on an “new, old approach” to farming called “regenerative agriculture” that has the potential to balance our climate, replenish our vast water supplies, and feed the world. The film focuses on the connections between land use, soil degradation, and the ongoing climate crisis. It also shows how soil health is tied to the overall health of our planet, and how innovative practices such as regenerative agriculture can help renew ecosystems and, when applied at a global scale, combat climate change. 


Admissions is an uplifting tale about the power of forgiveness represents an example of peace entertainment that has impacted hearts and minds all around the world. The film stars Academy Award® nominee, James Cromwell and has won 26 international awards, been translated into Hebrew, Arabic, Spanish, Farsi, & Italian and broadcast to 80 million people worldwide. Admissions also helped launch, which is gathering one billion signatures for a proposed UN Global Resolution that establishes peace departments in governments worldwide. The film continues to screen all over the world to a growing global audience. John Viscount originally wrote Admissions as a response to 9/11. After that tragedy, he felt an overwhelming compassion for the family of humanity because he knew we were entering into another destructive cycle of attack and counter attack and ultimately war. This made him want to communicate a more forgiving interpretation of life’s events so people could more easily find a pathway to forgiveness and peace, no matter what the world served up.