International (incl. USA) Traveler LOI* — 1 year$98
1st time Youth (18 — 30) International Traveler LOI*$49
International RENEWAL (within one month of LOI* expiration)$88
Host membership (No fee at this time. Suggested donation of $50)$0
* LOI = Letter of Introduction; all Traveler LOIs are international which includes the United States. 


Refund Policy

All donations are non-refundable. Fees paid for Letters of Introduction may be refunded within 30 days of purchase date in case of illness or death. The ORIGINAL Letter of Introduction must be returned to us prior to being refunded.


US Servas Financial Information

All over the world, dedicated peace-minded volunteers form the backbone of this grassroots organization. In the US, hundreds of volunteers handle most of the day to day work, serving as area representatives, interviewers, board members, and as members of national working committees. A small national office staff are our only paid employees.

US Servas’ primary source of income is from member contributions. Travelers pay an annual membership fee. Participation in the Host and Day Host Programs is free, though hosts are asked to make a voluntary contribution annually. These fees and other donations help offset the administrative costs of processing membership applications, producing and distributing host lists and newsletters, convening local gatherings, and other activities. Donations from other sources are welcomed.

US Servas is exempt from Federal Income Tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and is incorporated under the Laws of the State of California. Contributions to US Servas are tax-deductible. The Certificate of Incorporation, bylaws and audited annual financial reports of the organization are available upon request.

Servas membership fees and policies vary from country to country. US Servas bases its fees on the expected costs for administrative expenses and its financial commitment to Servas International. In most cases, each country is expected to pay Servas International for the stamps affixed to every international traveler’s Letter of Introduction. This provides the international organization with a small budget which minimally covers overhead expenses.

PDF icon US Servas Review Financial Statements 2016