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Apply now to be on the ballot for the US Servas Board of Directors


US Servas needs talented, committed people to guide the organization through a turbulent but exciting time. Both challenges and opportunities abound. The Board needs leadership that will advance our mission and secure our future.  

This year we are seeking three qualified individuals to serve as Directors for a full three year term and two additional qualified individuals to serve as interim Directors for a one year term.

The application to the Nominating Committee to be a candidate for the Board is now available here and will be accepted until 5pm Pacific time, Wednesday, June 30st, 2021. This year, answers to non-confidential questions on all candidates’ applications will be posted for all members to review in considering candidates. We are also planning a public forum (by videoconference) for members to meet the candidates. 


Nominating Committee

Ernie Baragar, chair

Arnie Rowland

Joanne Ferguson Cavanaugh

Chris Graillat


* Laws governing non-profits require at least 10% of “eligible voters” to participate in an election for it to be valid. All members are encouraged to register and to vote!