Arthur Froemmer frequently endorses Servas as a way to get to know people. Here’s an example:

Servas (“to serve” in Esperanto) is a nonprofit, nongovernmental, international, interfaith network of travelers and hosts. Its goal is to help build world peace, goodwill, and understanding by providing opportunities for deeper, more personal contacts among people of diverse cultural and political backgrounds. Servas travelers share living space, without charge, with members of communities worldwide. Visits last a maximum of 2 nights. Visitors fill out an application and are interviewed for suitability by 1 of more than 200 Servas interviewers throughout the country. They then receive a directory listing the names and addresses of prospective hosts.

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Longtime Servas member, Robert Allekotte, describes his travel experiences in a short story, “The Next Trip”. https://robertallekotte.wordpr…

His memoirs are available at thebookpatch. com.


The “Chronically Gifted” radio program featured two longtime Servas members’ thoughts on Servas.
Rita Golden Gelman, authour of Tales of a Female Nomad, can be heard by using this link.  http://www.!past-shows-2016/uj329(Click under “Global Pilgrimages”)

Phyllis Chinn, current Servas board member, also made an appearance:  http://www.!past-shows-2016/uj329(Click under “Global Pilgrimages”)

To read what Huffington Post blogger, Eric Trules, wrote about us, use this link: