Did you know that a round trip flight from San Francisco to Chicago in an economy seat emits 0.44 metric tons of CO2 per person? Depending on the distance to your destination, avoid flying when possible. If you need to fly, try to book a non-stop flight as takeoffs and landings create the most carbon emissions. Additionally, you can purchase carbon credits to offset your carbon footprint. You can purchase carbon credits from many different parties and you can chose to put it towards various initiatives such as renewable energy and forest management.


While driving generally creates less carbon emission than flying, it should also be avoided whenever possible and find a greener alternative. If driving is unavoidable, try to fill as many seats in your car as possible and carpool to your destination. There are many carpool and rideshare programs online to help you find people to carpool with. 


Public transportation is an easy way to travel locally or even long distance travel at an affordable cost! Take advantage of local transportation to help minimize your carbon emission while traveling.


One of the greenest and most efficient method of transportation is biking! You can even travel long distances without creating any carbon emission. There are many bike share and rental programs in the US that you can take advantage of! For example, Spinlister is a mobile app that locates bike rentals (as well as skis, snowboards, paddle boards, and surfboards) from “peers” in over 100 countries on six continents. The renter uses the app to confirm rental and arrange a meet-up. This is a great way to explore a new city at a very affordable rate! There are also many bike share programs such as Zagster, a nation-wide program that boasts over 200 sites in 35 states, making biking easy, accessible, and affordable.


Walking is the best way to see the local area. Not only do you get to go from point A to B without costing anything to the environment, it will also help you slow down and fully experience and take in the culture and atmosphere of the area. Walking will also help burn some calories after eating scrumptious local cuisines!