The Role of Servas and Other NGOs at the UN

NGOs (Non-governmental organizations) are crucial to the implementation of UN goals.   They bring a broad range of knowledge and experience, which enables the UN to make informed decisions that reflects the needs of civil society; and they are a conduit to help civil society understand and support those decisions.  In 1973, SERVAS INTERNATIONAL was granted “consultative status” by UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).  Along with 5000 NGOs, it can contribute through information dissemination, awareness raising, policy advocacy, participation in intergovernmental processes and providing technical expertise.


Each NGO affiliated with the UN is entitled to five (5) annual passes at each of three (3UN venues – New York, Geneva (Switzerland) and Vienna (Austria). The SI President and SI Peace Secretary/UN Coordinator are also entitled to annual grounds passes. NGO representatives attend conferences and events, make written and oral statements, organize side events, and have opportunities to network and lobby.   In short NGOs join the UN in the peace-building process of building a world free of violence, poverty and inequality.

SERVAS INTERNATIONAL Representatives to the United Nations in New York:

  1. Jeanne Devine - Arizona
  2. Gopal Rajan - New York
  3. Fanny Bello -New York
  4. Alison Telsey -New York City
  5. Brita Schmitz -New Jersey



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