Great volunteer opportunities open now:


Shine with your expertise, learn something new, be included in a fun group: We have openings in various teams. Each committee consists of 3-10 volunteers with varying backgrounds and experiences, and they meet regularly by Skype or Zoom.  To express your interest in one of the volunteer positions, please email the Board-Designated Volunteer Coordinator, Andrea Veltman at


A Graphic Designer could do wonders! Eye-appeal, readability, unified updated look – we would love for you to check out our newsletter and brochure, and suggest ways to give us maximum pizzazz. Our Communications Committee and Office Administrator are at the forefront of communication with existing and potential new members, showcasing who we are and what we do. We want that to shine. Would you lend us your creative mind for a little while?


Newsletter coordinator – putting it all together: Office staff, committees, board members and travelers – a myriad of volunteers regularly contribute to our monthly newsletter Open Doors. But assembling and overseeing the whole shebang is another matter. The office staff publishes the newsletter, and the communications committee edits the articles. You would contact contributors, suggest articles, find more authors and establish a timeline. If you have experience or not, as long as you’re interested and well organized you could be a greatly appreciated support for all of us! A talent for editing is also welcome, of course. This is great experience if you’re planning to work in the publishing industry!


Tech Nerds this way please! Together with our brand-new Technology Chairperson we get to celebrate the recent integration of our database with Servas Online (SO) and guide our members, staff and website developers through all the exciting changes coming up. You would join an existing team with diverse backgrounds and help with various projects according to your background and interests – website re-development, database management, improved communications platforms and even a future app!


You’ve been there, right: not enough money to implement great ideas, but you’d rather find solutions than complain? Whether you’re an old pro wishing to be involved in a good thing or you want to learn this important skill, we would like your help. We have a Strategic Plan being implemented by experienced leaders and a whole new crop of volunteers with fresh ideas. This is an exciting time to reach out to high donors and foundations, and support members in organizing events. The fundraising volunteer will work directly with the Board Chair and the Office Administrator. 


Coordinators for Bylaws Revision
If you like to apply your sharp, analytical mind for a good cause and enjoy language, you’ll want to be here, at the center of where all parts of an organization interact. We would love to have a few more of you on this fairly new team that is just setting up its procedures. It’s helpful but not required if you have a background in non-profit management, law or editing.


Marketing Lead
Are you ready to share the excitement about our cause and our growing non-profit with the world? Servas is unique but not well known, and we must change that! Be part of the Communications group, one of our most active committees, and help them strategize about best media outlets, language and timing.  


INTERVIEWERS, our most valued of volunteers ongoing call.   If you are a host or traveler, and want to help us grow, write to: to learn more about volunteering as an Interviewer