Volunteers, we need you now! This COVID-19 crisis is a sad and difficult challenge but also an opportunity for us to take exciting steps forward — please help us if you have just a little time each month.

Shine with your expertise, learn something new, be included in a fun group: We have openings in various teams. Each committee consists of 3-10 volunteers with varying backgrounds and experiences, and they meet regularly by Skype or Zoom. Servas is run mostly by volunteers working from a distance but assisted by staff in Arcata, CA.  To express your interest in one of the volunteer positions, please email the Board-Designated Volunteer Coordinator, Volunteer@usservas.org.


US Servas Board of Directors openings in 2021

The US Servas Board of Directors will have several openings available in 2021. We need people who want to step-up and help spread the mission of US Servas and provide guidance and support to the organizaion moving forward. Is that you? If so, this is the place to go for more information on how to run for the US Servas Board of Directors in 2021!


Calendar Fairy

Do you like to be social even when socially distancing? Great! We need someone to populate our calendar with a flourish and encourage our members to stay connected in good times and bad. This is a free-standing volunteer position collaborating with all committees and the regional/local coordinators to encourage events (virtual for now) and enter them into our calendar along with meetings, reminders and important national and international days of observance (such as Day of Peace, Earth Day). We already have several successful programs in place that are ready to be expanded nationally: Servas Experiences, Diversity Dinners, Just Views — and many ideas for virtual gatherings, webinars, etc. You would coach individuals and groups to organize such events. Please join us with your magic wand!



The world will travel again — soon, we hope! — so  let’s be ready to facilitate it. Servas offers purpose and human connections, and it’s clear that people will always crave that. As an interviewer, you are the first to meet interested members, help them navigate our website, and meet them face-to-face or online. You must be a current host, have experience as a traveler, and be comfortable learning the efficient new ServasOnline system. We hope you’re excited to be a part of this important group and even spread the word about Servas in your community!





Social Media Coordinator
Feel great about being at your screen: Help volunteers in all our committees to improve their skills using social media. We need some tech training but also planning and coordinating of our activities so we may reach existing and potential members better without overwhelming them with repeat postings (or looking as if we were clumsy!). You would be part of the Communications group and work closely with the Marketing Lead person.


Youth Organizers

Zoom, Slack, Confluence and the campus plaza — you’re comfortable hanging out and connecting with the next generation of Servas travelers. Young explorers will soon want their chance at experiencing the world and making meaningful connections on and off of the internet. Our Youth Initiatives Committee encourages all youth to participate in local events, Servas & United Nations conferences, international youth gatherings, SYLE, Servas service projects, Making Connections, Servas Experiences, and Campus Connections. If you are between 18-30 years old, come and connect with organizers all over the world and help young members find ways to learn, travel and make dreams come true.


Of course everyone needs help with fundraising now — be our very own Servas hero! Whether you’re an old pro or you want to learn this important skill, we would like your help. Our experienced Board Vice Chair is leading the fundraising effort; we have a Strategic Plan being implemented by good leaders; efficient technology is in its final testing phase by a competent tech team, and a whole new crop of volunteers is bringing in fresh ideas. This is a difficult but also exciting time for creative strategies! You would help to research options and write proposals and donor requests as part of a good team.  

Are you skilled in peaceful communication?
Our organization’s structure is growing and changing, and it deserves some TLC: We would like someone to develop or adapt a communication policy for US Servas that reflects our common desire for peace and the acceptance of many differing views and opinions. If you are a nonprofit communications professional or have experience setting up such guidelines for organizations, your input would be very welcome!


Newsletter coordinator – putting it all together

Office staff, committees, board members and travelers – a myriad of volunteers regularly contribute to our monthly newsletter Open Doors. But assembling and overseeing the whole shebang is another matter. The office staff publishes the newsletter, and the communications committee edits the articles. You would contact contributors, suggest articles, find more authors and establish a timeline. If you have experience or not, as long as you’re interested and well organized you could be a greatly appreciated support for all of us! A talent for editing is also welcome, of course. This is great experience if you’re planning to work in the publishing industry!

A Graphic Designer could do wonders!

Eye-appeal, readability, unified updated look – we would love for you to check out our newsletter and brochure, and suggest ways to give us maximum pizzazz. Our Communications Committee and Office Administrator are at the forefront of communication with existing and potential new members, showcasing who we are and what we do. We want that to shine. Would you lend us your creative mind for a little while?