Hosting is a great way to travel the world without leaving your home. Whether your goal is to make friends, expose your family to different cultures, learn a language, or contribute to the peace movement, Servas can add wonderful new dimensions to your life.

As a Servas host, you’ll be part of a network of more than 15,000 families and individuals spread over 125 countries on six continents. Mirroring Servas travelers, Servas hosts cover the whole spectrum of diversity. We live in urban, suburban, small town and rural communities. We are multigenerational and one-parent families, bankers and brick layers, retirees and people of all ages. 

Below are the Steps to becoming an active Host Member: 

Create an Account Profile

If you have already created an acount on USServas, you can Log In with your Log In Email and Password. Otherwise you will Click here to create a new account.  

by creating a Log In (email) and Password. You’ll then be in the site, and will see your User Name in the up, right corner of the screen.  Click on that to go to your Profile Page.  Here you will want to click on the link: “Create, update, or renew your Servas Profiles”

Need help navigating the website? Download this quick guide to becoming a member online: 

 PDF icon How to Create or Renew your Travel and Host Profiles

Fill in your Contact info and Host profile

Now that you’re into creating your account, you’ll complete 4 of the 8 steps. 1: “Update Contact Information” (here you can put any and all emails and phone numbers you want to be contacted by, as well as addresses) 2: “Join or Renew as a Traveler” (yes or no) — Note that if you say “yes” you need to complete the Letter of Introduction to keep moving forward, 4: “Join or renew as a Host” (yes or no)  5: “Update Host Listing” Here you will fill in information about yourself, for your future Travel guests to know, and about your place.  Note: You’ll want to hit “save and continue” at the bottom of each page to keep moving forward.

Reach out to an Interviewer

You are now on Step 6: “Find an Interviewer” where you can put in (ex: 50 miles) from your zip code, and all the available interviewers come up.  This will list their contact information.  You’ll want to click on “request an interview” with your choice.  Your interviewer should respond within 1-2 days to work out setting up a place and time with you.  They will look at the information you’ve filled in online to learn about you beforehand.  

The interview serves as an orientation to the Servas policies & procedures, and ensures that all Servas members have been vetted for safety. We require an in-person interview; if extenuating cirmcumstances prevent an in-person interview,  or there is not an interviewer in your vicinity, than reach out to the Office for assistance being connected to an approved remote interviewer, who can interview you via Skype or phone.  Also contact the office if you don’t hear back from your requested Interviewer within a couple days of reaching out to them.  Office contact:

Complete the Host Membership

After a successful interview, your interviewer will then file their report online.  When this is done, you will receive an email saying “Application Accepted” and you can now log back into your account, and click on “Create, Update or Renew your Servas Profiles” (once you are on your Profile page).  Click again into #5: “Update Host Profile”, check that all is OK, continue to “Save and Continue” at the bottom of each screen and you will be lead to the payment screen.  Your interview report will also show up under the “Interviews” tab, on your page.  You can now continue through the payment screen.  Note that there is no required fee to be a Host but you may elect to make a voluntary contribution ($50 is suggested.) If you decide not to donate at this time, you will still need to go through the shopping cart to complete activating your host membership. Once the payment (even if $0) is completed, you will receive an email with the order number.  The Servas office will be notified, and you will receive our Welcome New Host email and at that point be listed in the Host Listings for Travelers and other domestic Hosts to see.  Visitors will contact you to arrange a visit, and should all attach their digital scans of their LOIs (valid, stamped Travel Memberships) and show up with the hard copies of these LOIs later, after you’ve accepted them as guests.