How would you like to travel and build peace at the same time? US Servas Travelers have been doing just that since 1948.

Servas members meet with volunteer interviewers for an orientation and identity check. We make every effort to keep this screening process as easy as possible while still providing maximum security and comfort for our members.


Here are the four steps to becoming a traveler:


Register an Account

The first part of the sign up process is creating an account on the site and filling out the Traveler form. After we receive the information, a US Servas representative will contact you via e-mail to continue the screening process. Register a new account.

Obtain two letters of recommendation

Your Interviewer may ask to see two letters of recommendation from two personal references before you can travel. These are to ensure that only reputable people are staying in the homes of our hosts.

Meet with an Interviewer

All of our travelers and hosts participate in a one-on-one interview. You can search for an Interviewer in your area. Our current policy is to require in-person interviews, but exceptions can be made if extraordinary circumstances exist.

Complete the Sign-Up Process

After a successful interview, you will be asked to pay a membership fee. The Servas office will send you an original document, called a Letter of Introduction, verifying your membership. When you travel, you must show this original document to hosts to verify the validity of your membership.