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Are you under 30?  The Servas Youth Initiatives Committee is offering free Travel Memberships. Fill out this form for a chance to receive a Servas letter of Introduction at no cost! 

Servas Youth LOI Application — Google Forms


Here is how to be a Servas Traveler:

Create an Account Profile

  •  Register a new account by creating a Login (email) and Password.
  •  Go to your Profile Page.
  • Click,  “Create, update, or renew your Servas Profiles”

Need help navigating the website? Download this quick guide to becoming a member online: PDF icon Travel & Host Profiles: Step by Step 

Fill in your Contact, Traveler and LOI info

  • Fill out your online LOI (Letter of Introduction) and submit it for approval. 
  • Travel Partner: On your LOI form, there is a spot where you list “Members in your Travel Party.”  This is where you list any additional adults or children children traveling with you.  Please note that every member in your travel party older than 18, needs a valid, stamped hard-copy LOI

Reach out to an Interviewer

  • Collect two (2) letters of recommendation (Email the office if you need a template for the letters of recommendation).
  • Request an interview. Servas requires an in-person interview. The interview serves as an orientation to the Servas policies & procedures and ensures that all Servas members have been vetted for safety. If extenuating circumstances prevent an in-person interview  or there is not an interviewer in your vicinity, the office can get you connected to a remote interviewer.


Complete the Travel Membership

  • Pay your fees.
  • Receive your hard copy, stamped LOI in the mail.
  • Contact Servas hosts through our database, and remember to follow the protocols of the PDF icon Travelers Responsibilities
  • Start traveling for peace!
  • Afterwards send us a Travelers Report

Servas travelers in Mexico