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US Servas in The Boston Globe

September 30, 2021 5:00 PM | Deleted user

Spend time at home planning for your next adventure

By Kari Bodnarchuk Globe Correspondent,Updated April 2, 2020

US Servas was recently mentioned in a Boston Globe article. Below is an excerpt. Read the full article Read the full article HERE.

"Look into homestays. After this period of isolation, you’ll likely be more than ready to embrace the world and connect with other people. Local hosts worldwide take visitors into their homes for free, and provide safe, friendly environments for cultural exchange. Some hospitality groups are geared specifically to individual or women travelers — you stay with other women around the globe, for instance — while others cater to seniors, or gay or lesbian adventurers.

During my around-the-world, solo trip, I spent anywhere from two days to two weeks with more than 20 different host families, including a train conductor in New Zealand, students in Indonesia, a doctor in Malaysia, a retired teacher in Thailand, and a shoemaker in India.

These were, by far, some of the most profound experiences of my trip.

I arranged those homestays through Servas, a nonprofit, nondenominational, and nonpolitical peace organization. Started by American students in Denmark in 1949, Servas is active in more than 100 countries and aims to “build world peace, goodwill, and understanding” by getting people from different cultures and backgrounds together. Meet local hosts for a day or stay with them for up to two nights (or longer, if invited). To join Servas (www.usservas.org), pay a small annual fee and complete your interview remotely (through an online service). Then start connecting with other members through new virtual meetups and virtual dinners."

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