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Cook Your Way Around the World!!!   by Jeanne Devine

January 07, 2023 8:38 PM | Richard Weaver (Administrator)

A photograph of the cover of The Cookbook in Support of the United Nations for People & Planet   showing a stew featuring cashew nuts.

The Cookbook in Support of the United Nations for People & Planet compiled by Earlene Cruz presented at COP 27 in November is now available on Amazon and at Whole Foods. Proceeds support efforts to improve our food system and support the livelihoods of indigenous peoples and farmers. 

The NYT describes this remarkable book containing 75 recipes from around the world as “sustainably minded.” After Earlene Cruz lost her wallet in Accra, and had her first taste of red-red stew, she decided to become a social entrepreneur. Ms. Cruz founded the Kitchen Connection Alliance, a platform where people can interactively share culinary and agricultural practices with a goal of empowering people with the knowledge to contribute to a better food system. Before embarking on her current mission, Ms. Cruz, a longtime SERVAS member, enjoyed a SYLE in Italy on a Mogerman scholarship, and served on the US SERVAS board. She is currently an Adjunct Professor at NYU’s School of Global Public Health.

In addition to the recipes, The Cookbook is beautifully illustrated and provides the background of recipe contributors. It is focused on food inequity and insecurity through a partnership with Action Against Hunger. Its goal is SDG2 – the elimination of hunger! The book, which is sponsored by the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Whole Foods, and the UN Food & Agricultural Organization is divided into 5 sections: food systems; biodiversity; sustainable consumption; food and climate change; and reducing food waste. 

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