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US Servas Legal Disclaimer & Waiver of Liability

I understand and agree to the following:

US Servas makes available a list of its members to all active members.  If I get access to this list and use it to communicate with and/or visit another member, I will do so at my own risk.  I will be responsible for making all my own arrangements for such communication and/or visits, and I will be responsible for the outcome of any such arrangement.  I will hold no one else liable in case of any injuries, mishaps or other situations that may happen as the result of my making use of the member lists for any purpose.  Further, I agree to indemnify US Servas and its members from any action that may result from my use of member lists.

I understand US Servas does not provide liability insurance for the protection of individuals/members who may use the information provided in its member list.

US Servas Terms and Conditions

I understand and subscribe to the goals of Servas, which are to promote peace, the unity of humankind, and mutual understanding of the cultures, outlooks, and problems of the people of the world. Furthermore, I agree to abide by the rules of Servas. As a Host, I will accept Servas travelers of any race, creed, sexual orientation, or nationality, and seek to have a meaningful visit with them. The accommodations I am offering meet reasonable expectations for a clean and safe environment for visitors. As a Traveler, my conduct will be above reproach.

Host and Traveler information is to be used only by approved Servas members for its intended purpose. Using this information for any other purpose (e.g. as a mailing list) is grounds for the immediate termination of Servas membership and possible litigation.

US Servas Privacy Policy

View our Privacy Policy for information on how we safeguard your online data.

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