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Ethical Code for Servas Members

The purpose of this Ethical Code for Servas Members is to ensure that the Servas Members understand and agree with the Vision, Mission, Values and Purpose of Servas, in accordance with the Servas International Statutes (2022):

Vision and Mission: The aim of the networking is to create conditions for exchange of ideas, experiences and knowledge that promote tolerance and understanding among the people of the world. We aim to do this in a way that is in keeping with our principles and values.

The overarching and long-term vision of Servas International is a more peaceful world and the mission is to contribute to the progress towards this goal.

Principles: The fundamental principles of Servas International are the belief in the dignity and worth of the human person, the equal rights of all human beings as well as the conviction that respect and care of the environment lay a foundation for a more peaceful world.

Ethos and Values: We believe that our lives are enriched when we meet, interact, share and learn from each other. Our key values are caring for people and the planet.

Members of Servas promote peaceful coexistence by embracing the values of:

  • Friendship based on openness, trust and respect.
  • Hospitality and generosity, through travel, hosting and other
  • opportunities to meet.
  • Diversity and inclusion that extends far across cultures, traditions
  • and religions.
  • Tolerance for each other’s views and respect for cultural and
  • religious traditions.
  • Nurturing the environment and reducing our impact on the earth,
  • by recycling and travelling lightly.

Ethical Code: Servas Ethics Statement to all Members and Leaders As a member of Servas I understand that the purpose of the organisation is to promote peace and understanding among people by providing opportunities for deeper, more personal contacts between different cultures. I will do my part to further this purpose in my visits and in hosting Servas visitors.

All Servas members are bound by and are expected to agree to this Ethical Code as a fundamental requirement for membership within Servas.

Servas travellers and Servas hosts:

1. Show respect and tolerance for all people and beliefs.

2. Respect the privacy of Servas travellers and hosts during Servas visits.

3. Travel only with a valid Letter of Introduction.(LOI)

4. Maintain the confidentiality of Servas members’ personal data and ask permission to use information about other Servas members.

5. While serving as an officer, committee member or in any other capacity with Servas, conduct themselves with integrity and in such a manner as to avoid any conflict of interest between Servas and other organisations or businesses.

6. Understand that since Servas encourages friendships among people of different backgrounds, differences may arise, as in any other relationship. Thus, in case a conflict has arisen, use transparency and open and direct communication with the person; if this does not resolve it, a moderator can be used, and if it is still not resolved, the situation is referred to the Conflict Resolution Committee (CRC) or other relevant body that has been designated by Servas International or national Servas entity to handle such disputes.

This document was approved by a Servas International Distant Vote

(SI DV) in May-June 2023

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Henderson, NV 89014

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