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Come to Servas Georgia's 1st Summer Peace Camp

February 25, 2024 9:27 AM | Bill Magargal (Administrator)

Map showing location of Georgoa with peace camp logo pointing to Lamovani June 22-29, 2024

Servas Georgia will hold our first peace school camp this Summer in Lamovani, Sakartvelo, Georgia, from June 22-29. We invite you to bring the world to our children, develop feelings of peace, and provide opportunities for participants – children and volunteers to experience different ways of living. We invite you to volunteer and share your unique experiences and skills with our children. At the same time, we will share our village with you.

You will stay in the Tbilisi Georgian American school for free and includes breakfast in the morning. Workshops will be held two days in Tbilisi for schoolchildren aged 10-13, and 4 days in the village of Lamovani for students aged 7-18. We will take you from Tbilisi to Lamovani village and will be returned by us to Tbilisi.

photo of Tbilisi at nightThe main goal or our Servas Peace School is to bring the variety of the world to our village, develop feelings of peace in the participants, provide conditions for volunteers to learn local culture(s), and experience different ways of living on Earth. We also want to train local children and adults and help them become world citizens and Servas members. That is the core value that makes the Servas Peace School so valuable.

If you would like to attend the camp, please fill out this volunteer application form. For details about Lamovani Public School visit our Facebook page. If you have any other questions, please email us at

How does our Servas Peace School work?

  • Servas Peace Schools have no fixed curriculum or program. The background of the volunteers defines what activities will occur.
  • We have no budget nor a manager ... volunteers make decisions altogether.
  • Local and international Servas (also non-Servas) members come to the village and teach their topics to local children workshop mostly outdoors (in forests, gardens, back yards, streets, etc.).
  • We believe that every person (farmer, worker, artist, teacher, etc.) has something to offer that children need to learn.
  • The use of technological tools in the workshops is not encouraged.
  • Volunteers sponsor themselves to travel (however, they can apply for support if they need).
  • Volunteers can join the event for one day or the whole Peace School period. Local assistants help them with workshops and translation with local people (if needed)
  • Local families host volunteers for 3-4 days and provide food for them. They attend cultural and social activities in the area. The idea derives from the fact that when you live with a family you share a lot, face your prejudice if you have, exchange background, and usually become friends.
  • Volunteers do workshops during the day. They have free time in the mornings and evenings. They usually spend time with locals and enjoy cultural activities.
  • Volunteers can come to the village with their own children.
  • Servas Peace Choir is formed with children, and they learn to sing songs in local languages and in the languages of the volunteers.
  • City, village, nature tours are organized for the volunteers.
  • At the end of the school period, a Servas Peace Party is organized with the local people and children who will present their products and skills.

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