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Sustainable Living Documentary

March 28, 2024 4:56 PM | Bill Magargal (Administrator)

photo of young sustainable farmers holding basket of tomatoesEuropean Hosts Sought     by Catrina Walker 

One of the principles of Servas is that respect and care for the planet lays a foundation for a more peaceful world.One step toward this objective is to live in a more sustainable way, especially when it comes to how we obtain our food. Sustainable choices differgreatly throughout the world. US Servas traveler and author, Catrina Walker, is a permaculture professional dedicated to improving sustainable living and farming practices. In 2009 she spent extended time in Silly-la-Poterie in France where she documented a permaculture garden transformation and enjoyed the participation of students from a nearby agricultural school. 

This year Catrina will travel in the Netherlands. Germany, Italy, and France from late May through June 2024 to learn more about European sustainability methods. Her trip will culminate with a video documentary about her travels and what she learned. This documentary will be made available to Servas members worldwide. 

Catrina is currently seeking European hosts in the regions noted below.  

  • The Schwartzwald (Black Forest) region of Germany 

  • The Piemonte region of Italy  

  • The Noordwijk and Haarlem regions of the Netherlands 

  • The Loire, Burgundy and Dordogne regions of France 

If you or someone you know practices or is knowledgeable about sustainable living, please reach out to her. Areas of particular interest include communities and families who have or are currently involved with  

  • Permaculture-based practices, 

  • Biodynamic methods, and/or 

  • Ease of life outcomes. 

Catrina would love to hear from you and welcomes collaboration with students and practitioners of all ages. To learn more about this project or hopefully, to host her, please contact Catrina Walker on the Servas International website.  This project offers a unique hosting and sharing opportunity.  

Here is a link to Catrina's "Alchemy of Ecology" website.

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