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UN International Day of Peace -- September 21, 2023

August 06, 2023 2:11 PM | Deirdre Marlowe (Administrator)

photo of people at a stadium doing "the wave" with a banner that reads Join the UN Peace Wave"This year the UN International Day of Peace falls the day before the autumnal equinox – one of the two days a year when day and night are equal. What a metaphor! John Lennon’s “Imagine” has been an anthem to peace, but more than fifty years after it was released and more than twenty years since it was voted the UK’s favorite song of all time, it continues to be banned. Most recently, because of what has been identified as theistic intention in the lines “Imagine there’s no heaven… and no religion, too,” even though it has been demonstrated time and time again that religion separates people rather than bringing them together – think Afghanistan, Palestine, and Myanmar to name but a few.  

There are many ways to join people around the world in observing the International Day of Peace. Here are some possibilities. We suggest that you take part in the peace wave by observing a moment of silence at noon in your local your time zone 

Read Outcasts United ,a book about a refugee soccer team in a segregated city and how it changed things. Play fútbol. Read Rick Steves’ Travel as aPolitical Act. Hold interfaith and intercultural dialogues. Read This Is an Uprising about nonviolent revolution in the 21st century. Walk, march, parade for peace. 

Read What the World Eats. Prepare something from The Cookbook in Support of the United Nations, featured in a previous issue of Open Doors. Feast for peace. Engage in a volunteer activity that supports peace. Share how you celebrated the International Day of Peace with us by commenting on this piece or emailing 



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