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Peace Walk - International Day of Peace

September 16, 2023 8:48 AM | Bill Magargal (Administrator)

by Francisco Salomón Luna Aburto & Mei Wang, Servas International Peace Secretaries 

On behalf of the EXCO,  I want to thank you for your participation in the meeting that was held August 6th, 2023 to plan activities  celebrating the anniversary of Servas, the International Day of Peace, and International Servas Week.There were 32 attendees from 26 countries, so by any measure, it was a success. Here is a link to a recording of the event.We had several great presentations during the conference including one by Mr. David Kabamboof Servas Tanzania entitled Artists Peace Safari... see Sept. 2023 article “Tanzania - Art to Benefit People with Disabilities.” 

Call to carry out a walk for peace during the month of September.  

Let's take advantage of the month of September for a  peace walk -- an opportunity to strengthen the friendship between the members of each group, invite members who are not active, promote Servas to friends and family, share with other organizations that promote peace,spend time outdoors and learn more about the organization to which we belong. Each of us can be an ambassador of peace. Here are some things we can do: 

  • Look for local references to pilgrims for peace in your country. This has been a traditional practice in many places; you will learn many things about yourself and our world community. A wonderful example of this is the story of Mildred Norman’s 28 year peace pilgrimage 

  • Share the results of the activities (pictures, writing and videos) on social networks and in national and international newsletters to encourage the participation and involvement of members.  

  • Visit the Servas International website to find out about events and activities to be held in different places in the world, some are even virtual,so we can all participate. 

With these actions we promote world peace.   

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