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Run for the Board - Apply Now!

US Servas needs talented, committed volunteers to guide the organization through an exciting time. Both challenges and opportunities abound. The Board of Directors needs leadership that will advance our organization’s mission.  

The US Servas Elections Committee is seeking nominees to fill four positions on the board, two three-year terms, and one one-year term to fill a vacancy. Applicants will be considered by the committee for placement on a ballot that will be submitted to the full membership for a vote.


A director must meet the following qualifications:

  • Must be at least 18 years old,
  • Must be a US Servas member for one year or more,
  • Must be resident in the US for the entire term for which the person is elected, and
  • Willing to devote 3 to 5 hours a week to the position.

About the Board

The US Servas Board is responsible for the policies, budget, overall direction of the organization. It is a working board, with each member overseeing the operations within the following five branches of US Servas:

    • Governance:  Bylaws, Policies, Elections, Advisory Council
    • Member Services:  New Applicants, Member Help, Complaints, Volunteer Coordination
    • Technology:  Website, Tech Support, Tech Initiatives
    • Community:  Publications, Social Media, Events, Marketing, Peace & Justice, Youth
    • Finance:  Budget, Investments, Fundraising

As a director you are expected to volunteer your own time as well as manage other volunteers to fulfill the operation needs of managing US Servas.  All Directors must be comfortable with basic technology such as email, virtual meetings and website navigation. More information is provided in the application form.

Current Board Members

NameTerm  Position
 Richard Weaver 2021-24 President, Chair
 Shyla Esko Bare 2021-23 Vice Chair
 Joanne Ferguson Cavanaugh 2020-23 Secretary
 Leena Desai 2020-23 Treasurer
 Arnie Rowland 2020-23 Member
 Bill Magargal 2023-24 Member
 Tys Sniffen 2023-25 Member
 Shelly Mitchell 2023-25 Member
 Eileen (Lee) Rowley 2023-25 Member

2023 Elections

Any candidate committed to advancing the future of US Servas will be considered. In addition, we are specifically seeking persons with backgrounds or skills in the following areas:

    • Publishing: Newsletter, Page Layout, Photo Editing
    • Outreach:   Social Media, Blogs
Candidate Application

To become a candidate for the Board, complete the Candidate Application available HERE. (not available at this time) Be sure to fill out the application thoroughly, as the information you submit will be presented to the membership in support of your candidacy. The election process will also include a public forum (video conference) for members to meet the candidates on Wednesday, September 6th. Members will be able to vote for two weeks, beginning Sept. 7 and continuing until Sept. 21.

Election Schedule  All times listed are Pacific Time. 

    • Submission Deadline:  Saturday, September 30, 2023, 12:00 am
    • Public Forum:  Wednesday, October 18,  5:00 pm
    • Voting Begins: Friday, October 20
    • Voting Ends: Sunday, October 29

Election Committee

Ernie Baragar
Paige LaCombe
Bill Magargal
Natalie Petersen
Kelly Sackheim

Questions? Click Here to write to the Elections Committee.

1887 Whitney Mesa Dr., #1250, Henderson, NV 89014

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Phone: +1 800-509-1450

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