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Servas Veterans: Share the Magic!

January 19, 2024 1:30 PM | Bill Magargal (Administrator)

Graphic of magic lamp, servas Logo, world map, and the word Magicby Tys  Sniffen 

Hope this newsletter finds you embracing the spirit of adventure and cultural connection! It's time to start thinking about travel for 2024 

You know the magic of Servas, the joy of connecting with people from around the world, the thrill of exploring new cultures and languages. Now, more than ever, is the perfect time to share that magic with the next generation – Every Generation - but I think we'd all agree that 20-somethings traveling with Servas will have a huge impact on their lives. 

Why Now? Because We Want More Younger Members!  

Picture this: young minds hungry for adventure, eager to explore the world, and craving meaningful connections. That's the 20-something crowd, and they're exactly who Servas is made for! So, let's spread the word far and wide, inviting them into the incredible Servas community. Graphic of small globe

What would you say to explain "Why Servas?" Because It's the Coolest Global Gang Around! 

Cultural Awesomeness: Servas isn't just a travel network; it's a cultural experience. Imagine 20-somethings diving headfirst into new traditions, savoring local flavors, and forming friendships that last a lifetime. 

Language Love: For those itching to learn a new language or perfect the one they've been practicing in their bedroom mirror, Servas is the ultimate language playground. Real conversations, real connections – it's the language lesson they never knew they needed.  Make sure to mention SYLE! 

small rocket graphic

Global Squad Goals: Servas isn't just a community; it's a global squad of like-minded individuals who believe in the power of unity, understanding, and the occasional dance-off with newfound friends. 

How to Spread the Servas Spark: It's Easier Than Ever!  

Social Media Magic: Share your Servas adventures on social media! Post those incredible photos, share your stories, and don't forget to use #ServasSpirit or some other tag. You never know who might see it and catch the travel bug. 

Coffee Chats: Grab a cup of joe with the young folks in your life and regale them with your Servas tales. Personal connections are the secret sauce to spark curiosity. 

Virtual Hangouts: Host a virtual Servas hangout! Share your screen, showcase the amazing Servas community, and let the magic of cultural exchange shine through the pixels. We're doing this already with a group of interested 20-Somethings.  If they want to connect, have them contact 

Joining Servas has Never Been Cooler! 

And the cherry on top? Joining Servas is a breeze! We've streamlined the process to make it easier than ever for our new 20-something friends to become part of the global Servas family. 

So, Servas Experts, let's make waves, create ripples, and invite the young and adventurous to join the most incredible cultural exchange community on the planet! 

Here's to spreading the Servas love far and wide!** 

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