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SOA Vigil

  • November 21, 2021

  31st Annual Vigil - Sunday, November 21st 2021

2:30PM EST | 1:30PM CST | 11:30AM PST 

Join members of the SOA Watch Musicians Collective for an online community gathering as we remember our martyrs and recommit ourselves to the ongoing struggle to end all forms of state violence. We invite you to bring something of symbolic importance to you for the presentes -- photos, flowers, names, candles, etc. -- to accompany us during the gathering.

Sunday is an opportunity for us to join together, through the power of music and memory, to nourish and strengthen our ongoing resistance to dismantle US imperialism, and fight for the collective liberation of our communities! 

We recognize that recent months have been incredibly challenging for most and that many people are facing emotional, physical, and financial hardships. If you have the means, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to support the work of the SOA Watch Musicians Collective. With the incredible toll that COVID has had on artists around the world, we are committed to providing an honorarium to each of our incredible musicians. If you are able, please make a tax-deductible donation to support now!

Also, be certain to check out the bios, websites, and social media handles of the SOA Watch Musicians Collective members below!!

Don't forget to register for Sunday's Vigil & Presentes!

In solidarity & resistance,
Brigitte, Candice, Lulu, Pablo, and Roy
SOA Watch

 PO Box 3419, Berkeley, CA 94703-0970

Contact: info@usservas.org 

Phone: +1 800-509-1450

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