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What Does Peace Mean?

June 28, 2024 12:38 PM | Bill Magargal (Administrator)

Mystical graphic of eye, stars, head, servas logo, and group of peopleby Eliana Lynne Uretsky

Note - Eliana recently rejoined Servas after a long-term gap, so she needed to reapply for membership. We were so inspired by her answers to two questions on the application that we thought our members would be inspired by her words - Marguerite Hills

What does Peace Mean to you?

Ahhh. I notice my breathing expand and I calm just reading the question. Peace is not just an absence of war or anything else. It includes qualities of calm, well-being, spaciousness, presence, allowing self and other to just be, a kind of neutrality. Peace can also be active - the result of hearing another/others and finding common ground.

When you hear “Peace and Understanding through Travel and Hosting” what comes to mind?

See last question's response, and.... Taking the time to communicate with the human beings right in front of us, just as they are; listening; giving full attention, presence - these are powerful tools. Every place I have ever traveled, especially where I have stayed with locals, is now a part of my inner geographical and heart's landscape, and as that landscape grows, there is an increase in capacity to 'hold the world.'"  

"To have the felt experience of being a citizen of the world, to know and have a caring connection with human beings around the globe, is life-changing; isolationism becomes not even faintly an option. This then affects our thinking and our actions. I think that now more than ever, with divisiveness and hate so much on the rise, the simple human connections speak louder than ever. And I think that being a sane and considerate "ambassador" from the U.S. is extremely important at this time.

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