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Wanderlust Travel - Yikes We Need a Host!

August 07, 2023 2:33 PM | Bill Magargal (Administrator)

Photo of young woman sitting on bed planning where to go nextby Tys Sniffen 

Let's talk about something that can make our awesome community even more amazing – quick and friendly responses to hosting requests! 

Picture this: Many of us travel using the wanderlust method... we head toward the next interesting thing we recently learned about. We want to explore the world, experience different cultures, and make unforgettable memories. This means our planning may only be one week out, or less. We reach out to potential hosts through Servas, hoping to connect with locals who can show us the hidden gems and insider tips of their hometowns. Then we wait, the angst building. 

Now, here's the deal – when we finally get that enthusiastic ping in your inbox, that a host is eager to welcome us into their home It's like receiving a warm hug even before we set foot in their country!  A speedy response means they are eager to share their culture and create beautiful memories; what a joyful feeling! It also relieves the self-induced stress of on-the-fly travel. 

Photo of colorful Gypsy wagon with sign on the back that reads "Here and there and everywhere"There are many reasons why it is crucial to reply quickly/ Well, my wonderful hosting friends, here are some good reasons: 

Time is of the essence: You know how fast-paced travel planning can be. By replying promptly, you help travelers organize their itineraries with ease and confidence. Let's get them packed and ready for the adventure of a lifetime! 

Spreading the Servas Vibe: Our community thrives on openness and kindness. A friendly and timely response sets the tone for a fantastic cultural exchange. It's like saying, "Hey there, new friend! Can't wait to meet you and connect." 

Trust and Connection: When travelers reach out, they're taking a leap of faith, trusting you to open your doors and hearts to them. By responding quickly, you show that you area caring and reliable host. Even if you have to say, “No,” by replying quickly, you help fellow members make plans and feel a sense of trust in the organization. 

Expanding Horizons: Every positive hosting experience encourages more travelers to participate in Servas. It's a ripple effect of awesomeness – more connections, more friendships, more global understanding! 

Magic Happens: When cultures collide, magic happens! Quick responses ready travelers to dive into local traditions, taste authentic cuisines, and experience moments they'll cherish forever. 

Supporting Peace and Understanding: Servas' mission is all about breaking barriers and promoting peace through personal connections. A friendly and swift reply keeps that spirit alive and thriving. 

Let's embrace the power of a timely and warm-hearted response!  Be the shining beacon of hospitality that makes Servas such a special and vibrant community.  Take a minute and log into and update your profile to include the best way to contact you, if email isn’t the fastest.  Maybe WhatsApp, or a text, or even Facebook messenger if that’s your thing. Whatever it is that you’ll actually be looking at in under a day. 

Remember, every "hello" can turn into a lifetime of memories and friendships. So, spread those smiles, click that "reply" button, and get ready to host some incredible travelers!  

Together, we'll continue building a world where people come together, laugh together, and grow together.  Happy hosting. 


  • August 09, 2023 3:12 PM | Anonymous member
    I love this article- you've described the beautiful international conversation towards friendship and peace that is Servas. Thank you!!
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