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Volunteer Spotlight - Dan Bare

March 29, 2024 7:12 AM | Bill Magargal (Administrator)

photo of Dan in IndiaMeet a guy who has it all... skilled, giving, humble, seeker, kind, hardworking, good looking, entrepreneur, author, and more. Dan Bare has been a key, behind-the-scenes US Servas volunteer since 2015 when he helped plan and host the National Conference in Portland, OR. He currently leads the Technology Team, which is a vital function now that we are an all-volunteer, computer-based organization. We thought we’d like to invite readers to celebrate him and learn a bit more about this patient, highly skilled guy. He is an embodiment of the Servas ethos, and he checks all the boxes...

Dan working on tech setup for Portland, OR conference

World traveler? Check -- around the world 3 times! Dan's first journey was inspired in part by a blind French Servas host, one of the most traveled people he’d ever met, and who trusted others when traveling.  Dan began his membership with Servas Britain-Ireland in 2005. Worldly host? Check hosted on the beach in Australia, moved to Chiang Mai and invited all he’d stayed with and met in his travels to visit!! Most well-traveled host? Could be -- has visited 47 states and 76 countries! Travel expert? Check co-founded a travel company, co-authored a best-selling travel book, taught multiple college classes and thousands of students about the Secrets to Using Technology Abroad!!!

Dan grew up in Michigan and left in his early 20s for New York City. He moved to the greater Portland, Oregon area in 2013, and currently lives just north of Seattle, WA with his wife of 24 years, U.S. Servas Board member, Shyla Esko Bare. He first volunteered with US Servas as part of the team planning/hosting the 2015 national conference in Portland, Oregon. He also gave a talk at the conference on Using Technology When Traveling.

Dan at 2022 SICOGA conference in India iOver the next several years, Dan regularly co-hosted local Servas events in Portland as well as co-interviewed candidates with his wife, Shyla. In 2021, Dan was asked to help with technology for US Servas. He was a part of the team that launched the new website. In 2022, he became the lead of the US Servas Tech Team. Also, that year, he led a team of international volunteers doing Tech Support at the Servas International conference in India. 

Dan holding copy of book co-authored with his wife, Shyla Eskimo BareDan’s numerous accomplishments include a long career in IT, primarily as a programmer for companies in the US, Canada, and the UK. He combined these skills with his love of travel to co-found Wild Spirit Travel. Wild Spirit has a unique focus on helping people travel smarter and safer. He has taught Secrets to Using Technology Abroad at ten colleges/venues to thousands of students in the Pacific Northwest. Dan also co-authored the best-selling travel book Before You Go Abroad Handbook (in which Servas is mentioned several times!

In his free time, Dan enjoys exploring new places, wine-tasting, and outdoor activities like kayaking or hiking. Be sure to visit Dan & Shyla when you are in the Seattle area!


  • March 30, 2024 6:28 PM | Anonymous member
    Us Servas and Servas are so lucky to have Dan on our teams!
    Link  •  Reply
    • March 31, 2024 8:36 AM | Anonymous member
      Servas is very fortunate to have a member like Dan. I'll will check out his book... thanks Dan.
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  • April 01, 2024 8:47 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    The first sentence nailed it! And, it was fun to learn a few more things about him. Thank you, Dan, for your hard work and dedication to Servas!
    Link  •  Reply

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