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Peace & Justice

Bob Luitweiler believed that for the diverse populations of our planet to find common ground, to grow, and to thrive in harmony with one another, cross-cultural understanding was necessary.  He founded Servas to promote and enable such intentional, constructive social-interaction.  

Servas intentionally brings people together. We covenant with one another to advance efforts to creating a more just, peaceful, and sustainable world.

Nationally, we advocate for racial, social, and environmental justice and equality. This is Servas’ underlying raison d’etre: one conversation at a time.

Given the global nature of the environment we face, Peacemaking necessarily involves not just avoiding international military conflicts, but also promoting international cooperation in order to effectively address the existential threats of the climate change, wars, and pandemics.

Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) Servas has an appointed International Peace Secretary, whose task is to coordinate our P & J activities and maintain Servas’ consultative status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) at the UN.

Not all member countries have national P & J Committees, but many do. In the United States, the P & J Committee works with national Servas volunteers encouraging outreach and activism.

The P&J Committee activities are carried out by various work-groups that coordinate with work-groups of other committees.

Active P&J work-groups include:

  • Networking, affiliations and partnerships 
  • Collaboration with the US Servas newsletter 
  • Open Doors 
  • Building a P&J calendar of national and international events
We are always open to new initiatives and welcome new volunteers!

Current US National Peace Secretary, Yosi McIntire.

Yosi chairs the US Servas P&J Committee and can be reached at:  PeaceSecretary@usservas.org

Peace & Justice Calendar

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