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Get off the beaten track of tourism and form your own way, promoting peace, dialogue, and social justice while you create lifelong friendships.

Servas and Younger Adults  age 18-30

  • Are you a young adult wanting to meet local people when you travel?
  • Are you passionate about peace and social justice?

Servas is a unique way to travel ethically, form strong connections, foster intercultural dialogue, and promote peace around the globe. You’ll stay with kind and welcoming hosts, explore places from a local angle, and learn by living in the community with other Servas members.

Servas is perfectly suited for young travelers:
  • FLEXIBLE: You decide when and which hosts you want to stay with.
  • MEANINGFUL connections: Staying in someones home and sharing a meal together allows you to feel connected in ways hard to find in conventional travel.
  • AFFORDABLE: Your host can help guide you to the most interesting local sites and experiences- and away from expensive tourist traps.
  • ETHICAL, place-based travel: You support local communities by visiting less populated locations and spread peace through sharing experiences with the communities you visit
  • The insider’s way to travel! You will be introduced to the lives of hosts who are travellers themselves, are rooted in their communities and have expert knowledge of where to go, what to eat, and the current happenings in their community and country.
  • Servas members, hosts, and travelers can also act as a point of contact and local help in case of emergencies.





Servas Youth Language Experience

Immerse yourself in a language and culture of your choice through the Servas Youth Language Experience (SYLE).

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1887 Whitney Mesa Dr., #1250,

Henderson, NV 89014

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