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Are you a Match for US Servas?

You should join US Servas if...

  • You want to support a nonprofit organization committed to creating a more peaceful world
  • You are aligned with the idea of peace and understanding through travel and hosting
  • You are globally aware (or want to become so) and are interested in learning about other cultures
  • You are respectful of planet Earth
  • You reside in the United States
  • You are 18-years of age or older

Servas is not for everyone. People should not apply if they...

  • Are not interested in supporting a nonprofit organization run by volunteers
  • Are looking for long term accommodations
  • Are only looking for free stays when they travel
  • Expect high end hotel-style amenities when being home hosted
  • Do not reside in the United States (residents of other countries can apply on the Servas International website)
  • Are 17-years of age or younger (children can travel on parent's membership)

Two Levels of Membership


Friend of US Servas

Benefits of being a Friend

  • Can attend virtual US Servas meetings
  • Can attend local US Servas events
  • Will receive Open Doors Newsletter and has access to US Servas' blogs
  • Have access to Member area of US Servas website
  • Can be a part of US Servas' Peace & Justice Team
  • Can help with local Peace initiatives

All members join as a Friend. There is no cost to move to Host/Traveler status. Becoming a Host/Traveler requires you to submit letters of reference, have an interview, and attend a virtual orientation. 


Host/Travelers get ALL the benefits of being a Friend, PLUS+++

    • Can host Servas members from around the world
    • Can be hosted by Servas International members
    • Can make friendships with Servas members around-the-world
    • Receive Servas International updates
    • Can vote in US Servas elections
    • Can volunteer in any capacity with US Servas or Servas International
    • Can run for office in US Servas or Servas International

To learn about Servas Host / Traveler responsibilities, click here.

How To Join US Servas

  1. Click Join Now to start your Friend of US Servas membership application.  Pay the nonrefundable membership fee of $33 by debit or credit card.  Checks are not accepted for membership applications.
  2. Once your application has been validated, you will become a Friend of US Servas.  
  3. If after becoming a Friend of US Servas, you would like to be a Host/Traveler, further action is required.  You will need to follow the process of submitting 2 letters of reference, having an interview, and attending an orientation.

   Join Now   

If you have been a member in the past, you can let us know the details on the application.

1887 Whitney Mesa Dr., #1250, Henderson, NV 89014

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